Cannabis Farmers Markets in Seattle a Huge Success

The day started at 10 am with the first vendors showing up and table full by 10:30 ish. Vending was sold out in advance a couple of weeks ago. At 11:00 am Patients were lined up outside the door of the Little Red Bistro. All 5 local news channels and CNN were here to cover the opening and came in and shot the news and talked to patients and vendors as well for approximately an hour. There were also a couple of magazines there doing reports on the first market in Seattle.

With so many vendors patients had 100’s of varieties of Cannabis, Tinctures, Edibles, Baked Goods, Hash, Oils, Salves, Lotions, Seeds, Clones and other products patients had a wide variety of products available to chose from at a fair price. With so many vendors in one place it keeps prices fair, and gives patients and vendors alike a place to network and make connections for safe legal access to medication and services.

DJ Arch was spinning the Reggae Tunes, Sacred Plant Medicine was vaporizing patients, many vendors were sending edible samples around. The little Red Bistro had a great variety of coffees and teas and delecacies to keep the munchies at bay.

I saw lots of smiles and heard lots of laughter.

Please get ahold of us as soon as possible and get your registration forms in so that you do not miss the next markets in Tacoma and Seattle. And stop by and say hello to us and the others make some new friends and say hello to some old friends. Be part of history in the making, and enjoy yourself while doing it.