RIP Jack Herer! So much more work to be done and who is going to do it?

This morning I sit here at my office at home doing research and writing  for Sacred Plant Journal. I re read The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer. This time I read the Twelfth Edition Printed after Jacks death. Reading the Eulogies and the loving words for Jack again it brought me to tears. I miss Jack and his firey spirit so much. I miss the passion he had whenever he spoke of Hemp, Cannabis, Mushrooms, Freedom, Love, Compassion, Rights, his friends and his family.

I consider myself very priveleged to be considered one of his close friends and family. Now that he is gone and his best friends Captain Ed is deceased and my Pops Eddy Lepp is in jail who will finish his work or carry on in his foot steps?

The answer….


If we don’t all of his work will have been wasted. I will not see this happen.

We need to educate the youth of America. We need to educate the elderly. These are the people that are not turning out to vote and these are the people we need to reach.  With Cannabis being one of the safest medications we have available to us for such a wide variety of ailments and symptoms some of the biggest being relief from chronic debilitating pain, relief of nausea, and cancer symptoms. Most of the pharmaceuticals that are being used cause an overwhelmingly alarming amount of side effects.

For instance opiates and pain medications alone cause constipation and bowel irregularity sometimes IBS, depression, loss of appetite or nausea, dependency, mental impairment, sleep dissruption, insomnia and many other issues.

Medications for depressions can cause suicidal tendencies and many other side effects.

When taking these types of medicine people tend to become isolated and more depressed leading to depression medication and some of the side effects.

I myself am a cancer survivor and have came back from a car accident in 1998 where I was told I would be paralyzed or in a wheel chair for the rest of my life. I went home from the hospital addicted to opiates. Jack and Eddy helped me to get off of the opiates and all other man made medications. I have an enormous amount of hardware pins and bolts in me holding my back and body together and I do not take anything but Cannabis and feel 100 times better. If I can conquer the adversity I had dealt to me and be as active as I am to legalize and educate you can too!

Hemp can save our planet. I encourage each and every one of you to revisit Jacks book read it from front to back and watch his movie. Have a good cry and get empowered to make a change again. This is the year make 2011 different. Get more involved. Speak to people you don’t know. Write a letter a week. Make one phone call. Buy Jack’s book and give it to a stranger.

Go to colleges and senior centers. Share your knowledge. Wear Hemp, speak of Hemp and Cannabis and do something to make a change instead of just talking about it. Support all of the Hempfests and demand to see Hemp there.

Write letter to our elected officials and send them factual data and information you collect. Rise up and remember Jack!

I would like to see 4/20 become recognized as jack Herer day as written and said by Chris Hager Editor of High Times. Along with that I would like to see Jack’s book in colleges across America.